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Updated March 17, 2015


Links to Databases containing HCM screening results for the NFC

                 German HCM Database *new*


HCM Clinics

                 List of clinics
                 How to Set up a Clinic - A General Overview


Where to find a Cardiologist

                 Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologists
                 ACVIM Cardiology and Internal Medicine diplomates
                 The European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine - cardiologists
                 List of recommended cardiologists in Germany
                 Cardiology specialty clinic in Munich, Germany
                 The European Society of Veterinary Cardiology
                  Pawpeds Health Program Cardiologists

Documents & Links that explain HCM

                 Good picture of a normal heart vs. a heart of a cat with cardiomyopathy
                 WINN Foundation: HCM advice for breeders *new*
                 Feline Cardiomyopathies
                 Max's House
                 Cardiac Acronyms
                 Papillary Muscle Articles & Links
                     Understanding assessments and grading of HCM results (see bottom of link page) 
                 The Pawpeds HCM Health Program
                     A video of a Bengal Cat being screened for HCM
                 Familial cardiomyopathy in Norwegian Forest cats  *new*
                 NFC Webinar / Fundraiser with Dr Virginia Luis Fuentes (Transcript)  Access to 2 hour video with Dr Luis Fuentes and breeders around the world is      available with a $20 donation to the NFC HCM Fund at WINN.  Please email Melissa Alexander for details. 

Miscellaneous Documents & Articles in english

                 Genetics Review
                 Pawpeds HCM Screening Form *new*
                 Sample HCM Form - US
                 Article on HCM & the Purpose of this Group
                 Informational Brochure to use for fundraisers *updated*
                 "Anne's Story" written by Dutch NFC Breeder Coby Reedijk - English Version
                 Feline Cardiomyopathy - More than Genes!  New Thoughts on Causes & Treatments.  Dr John Rush - June 2012 *new*


Miscellaneous Documents & Articles in other languages

                 "Anne's Story" written by Dutch NFC Breeder Coby Reedijk - German Version
                 "Anne's Story" written by Dutch NFC Breeder Coby Reedijk - Dutch Version

Miscellaneous Links

                 The Winn Feline Foundation
                 First Gene Mutation to Cause Heart Disease in Cats Identified


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