Norwegian Forest Cat HCM DNA Research Project


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Updated July 5, 2012


New interest in the Norwegian Forest Cat and HCM DNA Research, Dr Virginia Luis Fuentes from the United Kingdom (May 2012)

    Timeline of events noted here


The researchers noted below are working together on NFC HCM research so please choose one of the two options below to send in samples.   All samples will end up in the same study.

Sending in samples - Ideal for European breeders and owners

    Swedish NFC HCM Study by Prof. Jens Häggström - see here for more details


Sending in samples - Ideal for American and Canadian breeders and owners

    UK NFC HCM Study by Dr Virginia Luis Fuentes - see here for more details


What is the Feline Cardiomyopathy Consortium (FCC)?


A list of previous/discontinued studies can be found here